We use only 100% certified organic cotton in all Live Good products. Read through these Frequently Asked Questions to find out why organic agriculture is such a crucial factor in environmental sustainability.

What does it mean to be “certified organic?”

The United States Department of Agriculture restricts the use of the term “organic” to producers who do not use synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides, irradiation, or genetically modified organisms. These farmers instead rely on eco-friendly techniques like crop rotation, composting, and pest control through natural biological mechanisms.

Why is organic a better choice?

Exposure to synthetic pesticides has been shown to cause cancer and a range of other harmful health effects including damage to the nervous system, lungs, and reproductive organs. The persistent chemicals used in conventional agriculture not only reach consumers and those involved in food production but also contaminate soil, air, and waterways, poisoning entire communities and depleting the long-term usability of natural resources.

Organic agriculture, which eliminates these harmful chemicals, can actually mitigate a number of environmental threats by conserving water, emitting lower levels of greenhouse gases, and sequestering carbon in the soil. These benefits not only slow climate change but also make the food supply more secure by preventing soil erosion and water loss and maintaining biodiversity.

What is the risk of pesticides for children?

Children face a number of increased risks for pesticide exposure: their digestive tracts more readily absorb chemicals, their kidneys are not as efficient at removing toxins, and their still-developing nervous systems can be irreparably damaged. Effects of exposure can range from dizziness and nausea to long-term neurological and developmental problems. Current research is investigating a potential link between pesticides and the increased incidence of both ADHD and autism.

How are Live Good products made?

All our products are manufactured in California using organically sourced materials and eco-conscious, community-minded practices. We use only 100% certified organic cotton fabric, pillow inserts made from organic and renewable kapok fibers, and sustainably sourced unfinished wood buttons. We chose to manufacture in the United States so that we could maintain the highest standards of hygiene, fair labor practices, and respect for the surrounding community. You can also learn more about our dye process.