Live Good was founded on the principles of ethical manufacturing and sustainable living. Everything we produce is local, sustainably sourced, and organic. Everything is designed to increase your quality of life. We haven't sacrificed luxury and beauty in our commitment to supporting practices that are ecologically and economically sound.

Live Good Basket for United Nations - Women

Live Good is now taking great strides in raising awareness for United Nations – Women, an organization that has made it their mission to promote Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women all around the world. We are holding a Live Good Basket sale in order to raise funds for United Nations – Women. 50% of all proceeds made from this sale will be donated to UN - Women.

Our Live Good Basket contains one Organic Supima Live Good pillow, one bottle of Organic Bonterra Chardonnay wine, one Green & Black’s Organic milk chocolate bar, one Green & Black’s Organic dark chocolate bar, and one Lumiere Verbana Blossom scented soy candle. This basket is filled with sustainable and relaxing products making it the perfect gift for those looking to enjoy a cozy evening with friends and loved ones.

At Live Good, we believe it is necessary to eliminate all forms of discrimination and inequality in order to truly live the good life. Achieving gender equality at a global level is an important issue for those of us in the Live Good community which is why we support United Nations - Women. Help us reach gender equality and support sustainable living by purchasing a Live Good Basket today!